About Us

In a Nutshell

Advanced Digital Dreams is an image of the registered Ephphatha Consulting, with specialisation in web solutions and software. Our mission is to deliver quality solutions for our clients by deploying innovative means. Scalability, one of our strengths, ensures we deliver bespoke services to our clients. Our clients are given opportunities to choose from suitable options after being adequately briefed, based on analysis. We use both planned and emergent strategies in managing our projects.

Our clients include insurance brokers, defence hardware manufacturer, NGOs, real estate agents and others. Some who started with us have maintained the relationship till today. This is a testament to our quality service delivery. We have partnered with providers in Singapore and India to deliver solutions to hospitals and insurance brokers. We have worked with one of the leading banks in Nigeria to deliver secure online payment solution for one of our clients. One fascinating fact about our services is the competitive nature of our prices. We do not only offer low prices, we deliver value many of our competitors toy with.

The Future

The future is bright. We are currently brewing new innovations that will see more services added to our list which will feature more artificial intelligence (AI) systems and bring even greater convenience to our customers in their everyday life.

How Earn Money Works

We pay you as you browse. The amount is better than interests paid by some banks. The earnings can be as much as you are determined to make it.
  1. Each time you log in, you are credited.
  2. You are credited once per product when used, each time you log in.
  3. You can use your earned Points to buy products on this site or cash-out by receiving the Dollar or Naira equivalent through PayPal or in your bank account when it reaches, at least, a threshold of 500,000 Points.
  4. Total cash-out per year in the system is limited to a maximum number of people.

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